Wine Fridge La Sommeliere 247 bottles - malfunctioning - no reserve- no shelves

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Single Zone

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la sommeliere

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I won this auctionhttps://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wine-Fridge-La-Sommeliere-247-bottles-/275351367240 but the goods were not as described and i got a refund. The sellers had moved in the interim and the new owners have refused the return. Description of the wine cabinet:The wine cabinet is faulty. I have no idea what is wrong, but suspect electronics that drive the cooling. Maybe thermostat, etc.The wine storage cabinet / wine fridge cools too vigorously. The fans are on all the time - running, stops, then slows down, comes to complete halt and starts spinning and running again. This causes noise and vibration. This does not happen on my other Liebherr - perfectly keeps temp, silent and quiet and no vibration. Then I checked the temp and it indeed cools too vigorously. When I set 15 degrees temp, then it actually cools down to approx 9 etc. When i set to 17 it keeps it at 12, etc. Shelves are not included in the listing/sale, but contact me so we can discuss them being added I can deliver (if within reasonable distance around KT6 6HR if you will help me load it into the van. As I will be getting 2x more of Liebherr's for myself so I will need to rent a van anyway.) Location - I am in Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 All funds raised will be returned to the seller who sold it faulty to myself, less my costs. 3 day auction. no reserve. this needs to go. Description provided by previous seller. Wine Fridge - La Sommeliere 247 bottles Great condition and working perfectly. Dent at the back of the fridge as shown on the pictures (since delivery by retailer - never had any issue with it) and a slight scratch mark on the right hand side. Very large capacity of 247 bottles. Front door with anti UV glass. Temperature range 5° to 20°. Active coal filter. Electronic thermostat. Anti vibration system. Included with 6 wooden shelves + my home made system of battens to stack the bottles in a sturdy piles. Please note that the wine fridge was purchased in France a few years ago and has a European plug. An adaptor for UK sockets is included. Dimensions : 59.5 cm (width) / 183 cm (height) /68 cm (depth excl. handle) Collection only. No bottle included.