Cellar Cooling / Beer Cooler System - Nationwide Installation Included!*

£2595.00 + VAT UK Installed! - Cools area up to 90 m3

Price: £2,595.00

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Beer Cellar System

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55 m3 Below Ground/ 45 m3 Above Ground



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Cellar Star

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VOLLAND Ltd is pleased to be able to offer you, a fully installed cellar cooling system anywhere in the UK for just £2,595.00 + VAT (The only surcharge is for Parts of London, Wales, Scotland & Cornwall) The price you see is the price you get with no extra charges.SYSTEM GUARANTEED FOR 3 YEARS! Below Ground : Up to 90m3Above Ground : Up to 57m3 With over 50 years of experience, you are in safe hands with VOLLAND Ltd. We have completed over 500 cellar cooling installations across the UK, with no down time and only happy customers. The pictures on this eBay listing are all examples of our work; we take great pride in good, tidy and effective installations. Below is more information about this fantastic offer. If you are interested in this system or have any questions, then please contact us; 01529-497-347. Please contact us before buying through eBay to confirm site suitability Be sure to check out our website! WWW.CELLAR-COOLING.CO.UK This listing includes the following :Complete Cellar Star System Manufactured by KDThe system provided in this listing is suitable to cool a room sized up to 55m3 if your cellar is below ground, and up to 45m3 if your cellar is above ground - To work out your beer cellar area, it's 'length x width x height'Able to cool the above room to between 8°C - 11°C, perfect for any beer cellarHas a digital controller so that you can easily read & control the temperature within your beer cellar room.Purpose made cellar cooling system, which is silent, efficient & economical.Provided with a 3-year manufacturers guarantee*Full Installation at location - This listing price INCLUDES full installation throughout the UK. Please read below for further details. The included installation is for replacing a current beer cellar system, or a complete install for a run of up to 7 meters between the condenser & evaporator, through a single wall. Any other scenarios may occur further charges. Please contact us for details.Any existing system will be decommissioned, removed and disposed in the proper manner at no extra chargeOver the last three years, VOLLAND Ltd has carried out 100s of cellar cooling installations across the UK. The price in this listing includes installation across the UK at no extra charge with the exception of some parts of London, Scotland, Wales, Devon & Cornwall; these charges are shown in full on our websiteBrackets or FeetThe outdoor condenser will be placed on brackets or feet depending on the location of the condenser or the customer's preference.WiringWhen replacing a current beer cellar system, we can repurpose your existing electrical supply if it is suitable for this system. All old thermostats and timers will be removed, as this is all achieved by the new LCD controller.When installing a new system from scratch (i.e. not replacing a current system), we require a 16amp electrical source (see FAQs below) near to where the evaporator (indoor unit) will be placed. Most local electricians can provide this for you.Please note, that it is ultimately your responsibility to provide the proper an electrical supply to the system.DrainageThe indoor unit produces condensate and requires a drainage point within 2 meters of the indoor unit. This drainage point can be an external wall, a drain pipe, floor sump or a suitable container.Payment & Delivery/ Installation Details :Please contact us first to confirm payment detailsWe endeavour to carry out installations within five working days of order confirmation, however during the peak of the summer, our turnaround time can be upwards of 14 working days. Please contact us to obtain our current turnaround time. Alternatively, check our twitter or facebook feeds which are regularly updated with our current turnaround time (@CellarCooling)All installations will be carried out by two qualified & experienced engineers with over 50 years of experience. We take the utmost pride in our installation, ensuring that your installation is neat, tidy, efficient and performs to the best of the equipment's ability.Most installations take no more than 6 hours to complete from start to finish Before Buying!! : Before buying please make sure you answer 'YES' to the following questions - if you have a system that will be replaced, you can skip questions 1 - 4. If you're unsure or answer 'NO' to any the following questions, please contact us first:This evaporator is sized at 840w x 395d x 590h (mm). Do you have an area where this can be placed?Is there a wall, flat roof or floor available for the condenser to be placedIs there less than 1 walls to go through for the pipe run between the evaporatorIs there an electrical point and provisions for drainage available less than 2 meters from where the evaporator will be placed Is the area that is to be cooled within the sized stated at the top of this listing (To work out your beer cellar area, it's 'length x width x height')Is the distance from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit (i.e. the pipe run) less than 7 meters FAQ's : Q : I have a system currently in place. Can you replace it with this system?A : As long as you have answered yes to the above 'before buying' questions, then yes. Furthermore, we can dispose of the old system for you. Q : My room is larger than the stated sizes, what can I do?A : We have several systems on eBay suitable for most room sizes. If you can't find what you're looking for, then please contact us, and we'll help you out. Q : I have answered no in on one of the above questions, does this mean you won't sell me this system?A : This system may not be suitable for your business, however, we can always find alternatives or work around any problems. Just contact us and we'll help you out. Q : How long will the installation take?A : Most complete system won't take more than 6 hours to install. Q : For a new install will you drill the hole through my wall for the pipeworkA : Yes! We come equipped with a core drill and suitable core drill bores, and can drill a hole up to 350mm depth into stone walls and 500mm depth into brick/ breeze block. Q : What guarantee is provided with this system?A : We provide a one-year full parts and labour guarantee on all installation. Furthermore alongside this guarantee, the system is provided with a manufacturer's three-year parts only guarantee Q : My current system is on r22 (the recently outlawed gas), can this be our replacement?A : Yes, this system is on new environmentally friendly refrigerant. Furthermore, in line with new regulations, we'll recover and properly dispose of the r22 refrigerant in your current system. Q : What electrical supply is required for this systemA : This system requires a 25amp supply located in the room, backed up via a "C" rated breaker at the mainboard Contact : If you have any questions please contact us using the following details : e-mail:sales (at) volland.org.ukphone:01529 497 347Sales Rep:07554 010 245website:www.cellar-cooling.co.uk